• Data-Driven Insights & Visualizations
  • Rapsodo Combines - 24 total shots - 2 approach targets - 1 driver target
  • Slow Motion Video Replay (4 Different Speeds)
  • Video Storage: Up to 10K Shots
  • Shot Apex with Video Replay
  • R-Cloud - Web access to session history, shot videos, and data export
  • R-Speed – Non-impact speed training platform that measures and tracks swing speed performance
  • Data-Driven Insights & Visualizations
  • Performance Combines: Test. Score. Improve. NEW
  • Slow Motion Video Replay (4 Different Speeds)
  • Video Storage: Up to 10K Shots
  • Shot Apex with Video Replay
  • Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Launch Monitor
  • Data and Insights Every Golfer Needs
  • Immediate Feedback on the Range, Immediate Results on the Course
  • Practice Smarter, Not Longer
  • Swing With More Confidence, Shoot Better Scores
$169.99 1 Year MLM Premium Membership
$169.99 MLM PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP + 1 Year Invidiual Membership
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$169.99 £3,500.00 MLM PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP + 1 Year Invidiual Membership MLM PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP
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Maximize Your Experience with an MLM Premium Membership

Upgrade to a MLM Premium Membership and start playing your best golf with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), the No. 1 rated personal launch monitor under £500. Get personalized, data-driven analysis so you can perform better on the course. Detailed evaluations provide key insights into what parts of your game need to improve. Practice with a purpose every time you hit the range – deeper insights, more confidence, better golf.

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Features MLM FREE
Shot Storage 100 Videos 10,000 Videos
Shot Trace
Video Playback
Slow Motion Video Playback
Shot Apex
Rapsodo Insights
Rapsodo Combines (Award-Winning)
R-Cloud - Web access to session history, shot videos, and data export

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Premium Subscription

Personalized Insights andKey Takeaways

Performance Combines: Test. Score. Improve. NEW

Slow Motion Video Replays

Video Storage up to 10,000 Videos

Shot Apex

Premium Subscription

Rapsodo Golf
Rapsodo Golf

The MLM Premium Membership unlocks more data visualization and insights, progress reports, and tools to help improve your game. Get access to groundbreaking features like award-winning Rapsodo Combines, Rapsodo Insights, slow motion video replay, shot apex, and video storage for 10,000 shots.

The MLM Premium Membership is $99.99/year. It is non-transferable and can be cancelled at any time.

There are two ways existing MLM users can purchase a MLM Premium Membership:

Purchase via the Rapsodo website. Add the MLM Premium Membership to your cart and purchase with the email your MLM account is under.Purchase in-app through Apple. Go into the MLM app, go to Profile>Account Type>Select “Upgrade” and purchase through your Apple ID.

There are two ways to cancel depending on how you purchased:

If purchased via, reach out to to cancel your MLM Premium Membership.

If purchased via in-app, follow the below instructions:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap your name.

3. Tap Subscriptions.

4. Tap the subscription.

5. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button.

Rapsodo Insights is a MLM Premium Membership feature that helps you visualize each session through a variety of graphs and charts. We’ve divided the report into three categories: Accuracy, Distance, and Consistency. Each section will help you understand your numbers and identify trends from your session to help show you what to practice in the future and guide your decisions on the course.

Rapsodo Insights is available to MLM Premium Members. You can access Rapsodo Insights from the Home screen or within an individual Session.

Grayed out shots represent outliers from your session. Removing outliers from Insights gives you a better chance to clearly visualize trends from your session. We will only remove shots that are extremely offline, short or long based on the entire data set for each club. If you decide to delete a shot, outliers will recalculate.

To identify trends in your game, we need a reliable data set of six or more shots. The more shots you take with each club, the more accurate your averages will be.

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